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Who's the main contender in the GBBO?

Who do you reckon is the Star of Great British Bake Off?

Mary Berry? Paul Hollywood? Sue Perkins?


But we’d argue it’s actually Neff’s new ovens.

Their range has always been a staple in many of our kitchens: their ovens, microwaves, hobs, extractors, fridges, washing machines and dishwashers being sought-after options along with Bosch & Siemens.

But we do love Neff's new update. So sleek and elegant! In terms of the look, they’ve moved away from full stainless steel to black glass with stainless steel. How smart is that!

And here’s the clever bit: seamless integration. A new trim allows us to combine two or three pieces … to look like just one, smart unit. How good is that?

There’s a real demand right now for clean lines and minimal fuss: this works a treat.

But on a practical level, how good is it?

TheNeff Slide & Hide® Ovenfeatures unique technology which (of course) looks ultra-modern … but it’s not just about the look: does it help you to bake like a champion?

Well, yes it does. The retracting door means you can get right in amongst it …. taste and baste, turn and test. And when the “voila!” moment arrives, it is sooo much easier to bring out your creation.

And here’s a secret from the show: at the press of a button, theSlide&Hide®oven'sBaking&Roasting Assistantserves up a cooking suggestions too. It also recommends the ideal heating mode, temperature and time for perfect preparation. It’s almost like having Mary Berry alongside...

You’re might be wondering how it’d fit into your kitchen? Well, another advantage is its economy of space. As the centrepiece of a good-sized space - great, especially with that seamless integration trim. But it also actually works very well in a smaller kitchen, and is perfect for a galley-style layout.

If all that sounds intriguing, come and have a look for yourself. We’ve got the new Neff rangeon display in both our Brighouse and our Leeds showrooms.

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